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  • Project Designation: UNITE+Global – Consolidation and expansion of UNITE in international markets
  • Universal Project Code: POCI-02-0752-FEDER-048345
  • Type: INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS – Internationalization | Export Accelerator | Call 01/SI/2020
  • Promoter: UNITE Global Tooling Solutions, S.A.
  • Objective: OT 3 – Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs
  • Localization: NUTS II – CENTRO 


  • Approval Date: 24/11/2020
  • Start Date: 25/02/2021
  • End Date: 30/06/2023
  • Financial Support:
    • Total Investment: 249.972,50 Euros
    • Total Eligible Investment: 223.237,50 Euros
    • Total Financial Support: 100.456,88 Euros


Description: The UNITE+Global project aims to enable UNITE to expand into new international markets, diversifying its export markets and subsequently increasing its turnover and reducing its dependence on current markets. This objective does not result from intrinsic difficulties in the markets themselves, but from an internal strategy of the promoter to ensure its stability and economic and financial sustainability in the short / medium / long term. Being present in more markets, there is a natural propensity for business growth and development, reducing exposure to economic cycles, market trends and other negative externalities that jeopardize its existence. The project also aims to consolidate its presence in current markets but with high growth potential as they are dynamic economies and with strong technological intensity.

The internationalization plan includes investments in different areas, namely:

1) Hiring two new highly qualified technicians to perform the functions of Commercial Manager and Project Manager for international markets, seeking for training and to strength the promoter’s technical team;

2) Implementation of a technological solution to optimize internal management and communication processes (SBI – System of Business Intelligence), seeking to improve the promoter’s internal organization and its external relations with customers, partners and suppliers, as well as streamline its system quality management and increase its efficiency as a management tool;

3) Acquisition of specific equipment and software to analyze requests and submit proposals to its customers, seeking to improve quality and reduce response times to customer requests;

4) Participation in fairs and exhibitions in the sector, seeking to promote the UNITE brand and establish business relationships with new customers, partners and suppliers;

5) Conducting market surveillance missions, seeking to attract new customers, establish partnerships and identify potential suppliers;

6) Carrying out reverse missions for the markets of Latin America and Russia, seeking to make known the full potential of the promoter; and

7) Development of marketing campaigns directed at the target markets and segments, promoting and publicizing UNITE and the products / services provided.

Combining the objectives of the promoter for this project, with its business strategy and approach to international markets and with the proposed investment map, it is concluded that there is a strong alignment and the strategy of consolidating and strengthening the presence in markets is evident and leverage the business to new markets yet to be explored. Furthermore, the promoter’s experience and financial performance to date shows the ability to successfully implement and develop the project.